Victoria’s Great Ocean Road-Always Something to See

The great ocean road day tours will take you through a road that connects the Torquay and Warrnambool cities in Victoria, Australia. Travellers use great ocean road day tours to view the Great Ocean Road that not only consists of awe-inspiring landmark features, but also leads to other great destinations and attractions.

By hiring any of the great ocean road day tour services, visitors can benefit greatly along the entire south west Victorian coastline throughout the 243 kilometre sightseeing tour. Throughout the journey, you will experience panoramic views of the Southern Ocean, the Bass Strait as well the magnificent rainforest, river estuaries and much more.

One of the impressive stops that the great ocean day tours will take you through along the Great Ocean Road, is the 12 Apostles. A great many people who use the day tours to visit the Great Ocean Road come here due to the majestic features of the National Park. The 12 Apostles are actually rock stacks that have barely been distorted over the years.

On the tour you have a chance to view the Corio bay that is the background scenery of history along the foreshore.

Besides participating in various activities during their great ocean road sightseeing, visitors come to hike the famous great ocean walk and climb the giant cliff for a clearer view of the coastline. Others opt to take time and walk trough surrounding forests and walk along the white sandy beaches.

You also have the opportunity to take to surfing, fishing and even swimming while out on the Great Ocean Road.